1986 - BOSTON Fires - firstduephotos

Sat., Sept. 27,1986 - Fire Alarm reported they were "Receiving Calls" for a fire in the alley of a building in Andrew Square at the intersection of Dorchester Avenue & Dexter St (South Boston). Companies had chased several trash fires in the area much of the evening. As misfortune would have it, the two first-due Engines and the first-due Truck (E39, 21 & L18) were all committed to other stills at the time the box was struck. District 6 arrived by himself and found a significant fire in the alley off Dexter St opposite the Andrew Square MBTA Station. He transmitted three alarms as the fire communicated to three buildings while he waited for the first companies to arrive. Five Alarms were transmitted on Box 7234 in total for this fire.

Ladder 4 and Engine 14 on scene and stretching. Another little story here - there was a brief delay between the previous photo and this one as one of the guys riding with me that night (Mike) pulled an occupant out of the open red door you see in the image here. I turned around and saw him disappearing briefly into the doorway and emerging with a male who Mike had heard yelling for help. We grabbed one of Boston's Finest and 'suggested' an "H&H" (ambulance) might be in order. Note the progress the fire has made during that time. My guess would be approximately 3-5 minutes between these two photos.

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